Friday, June 8, 2007

Conversation at web

Sweet_pie : Assalamualaikum, pha kabar mba? So long not to see, are you ok?

Hanee : Alaikum salam ukh… waa…. Lovely sister fii kulli aam bilkhoir, how do you do?

Sweet_pie : Ga jauh beda tuh… gimana neh kok artikelnya ga nambah-nambah??

Hanee : iya neh… dah lama ga nulis, maklum ga ada waktu, banyak praktikum, laporan dan lain-lain gitu…(biasa cari pembenaran), btw the world more heat right now, don’t you?

Sweet_pie : yeah it going hot day after day, tau ga mba klo es di kutub utara dah banyak mencair, and make netherland and half Europe tenggelam secara dramatis?

Hanee : yeah, I though it very funny you know, why? Coz we can’t swim there ^o^ hi European nice isn’t it? Are you people can swim?

Sweet_pie : funny isn’t it? I don’t think so… it bother me, how could you make this all as a joke? It’s serious problem.

Hanee : oh… honey… don’t take it to serious just kidding, I love this earth much as you are, but as we know the global heat effect, which US and Europe behind all of this thing. So it’s going worse with what they do, and I guest, it equal and worth for them.

Sweet_pie : but sis, all the human being is equal don’t you thing so? They have right too…

Hanee : deal with it.. but where the human (all that People in human right) when Palestine, Iraqian, and Afgan people attacked by US and Israel, what they do? As far as you can see… Nothing!!!

Sweet_pie : mhhhhhmmmm…….